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Complete the form below and the HealtheSteps Research Team will be in touch with next steps for registering. If you have not received an email from us in 3-5 business days, please email us at 

    What happens when I sign up?

    When you sign up for HealtheSteps, you will be sent a pre-screening survey. The purpose of this survey is to make sure it is safe for you to participate in this program. Once you are cleared for program entry, you will be placed in a queue to be matched with a certified HealtheSteps coach. When a coach is available, they will reach out to you over email to schedule your first session together.

    How do I attend HealtheSteps sessions?

    Sessions are held over Zoom. When you and your coach have scheduled a mutually feasible time to meet, they will send you a Zoom link that you can use to join your session. Sessions are held in a one-on-one capacity, and last around one hour.

    How long is the HealtheSteps program?

    HealtheSteps consists of one baseline session, and 6 additional main sessions. The baseline session is an opportunity for you to meet your coach, learn about the program, and establish some baseline measures. Session 1 is scheduled one week following the baseline session, and from this point on sessions are scheduled monthly. It takes about 6 months to work through the entire program, however scheduling is flexible, so some participants complete the program a little earlier, while other take a little longer.

    What will I do in the HealtheSteps program?

    As part of the HealtheSteps program, you will attend one baseline and 6 main sessions with your coach over Zoom. Sessions will focus on a few different areas:

    1) Physical Activity

    2) Exercise

    3) Healthy Eating

    4) Mindfulness

    5) Time in Nature

    6) Sleep

    Your coach will introduce these concepts, and help determine where you are at, and where you would like to go. You and your coach will then work together to identify goals and develop strategies to work toward these goals. As you continue to meet, you and your coach will check back in and adjust your goals as necessary.

    Who is my coach?

    Coaches are trained and certified to deliver the HealtheSteps program. Most coaches are medical or allied health students, and by coaching in the HealtheSteps program, they are gaining valuable hands-on training in lifestyle counseling that they can take with them into their future practice. By joining HealtheSteps, you are not only working to build healthy habits, but you are also supporting the education and training of future health care providers. Most of the time, your coach will work with you from baseline all the way until session 6. If your assigned coach is no longer able to coach in the program, you will be transitioned to a new coach to continue with you.

    When will I be matched with a coach?

    After being cleared for program entry, you will be matched with the first available coach. Coach capacity fluctuates depending on how many coaches are engaged in the program and how many participants have signed up for the program. We estimate that it can take from 1 week to 6 six weeks to be matched with a coach. If you are concerned about the length of time it is taking to be matched with a coach, please email us at 

    Where can I direct my questions?

    If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at

    Our Partners

    We gratefully acknowledge the financial support for this project provided from UBC Vancouver students via the Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund.