In response to the ample evidence that exercise, physical activity, and healthy eating play an important role in preventing chronic disease, researchers at Western University in London, Ontario, Canada, led by Dr. Rob Petrella, developed the HealtheSteps Program, an evidence-based lifestyle prescription program

The program improves the health of Canadians and reduces their risk for chronic disease by tackling three major risk factors that are shared across a number of chronic diseases: physical inactivity, sedentary behaviour, and poor diet. Each HealtheSteps participant receives an individualized healthy living Rx for exercise, physical activity (step count) and healthy eating, supported by coaching and technology tools to help them move more, sit less, and eat healthier!

After conducting several research studies that have demonstrated the Healthesteps Program has a positive impact on the exercise, physical activity, and healthy eating behaviours of our participants, as well as other important health outcomes including reduced weight and blood pressure, we have decided to launch a brand new website and online coaching program to make Healthesteps accessible Canada wide. Individuals across the country can become a certified Healthesteps Coach and improve the health of those around them!

The HealtheSteps training program is available for purchase via our new website, at We made the decision to charge a minimal fee for the training in order to support the research staff who will in turn support our new coaches, and to support the ongoing improvement of the program. All funds raised through this not-for-profit training program will support HealtheSteps to these ends.

Want to become trained in the Healthesteps Coaching Method?

The proprietary HealtheSteps coaching method is grounded in Motivational Interviewing, and provides an excellent framework for motivating your patients, clients, friends, or family to improve their lifestyles. In the past, HealtheSteps coaches have included physicians, dietitians, nurses, pharmacists, and office employees. Each HealtheSteps coach is certified after undergoing a comprehensive and rigorous training program that can be found on our brand new website. We have created a vibrant online community of practice that includes a biweekly blog, a weekly podcast, forums for coaches to interact in, and monthly webinars with the central research team.

To mark the beginning of this exciting journey, for the next 4 weeks we are offering our training course for just 50% off to any new coaches (using the coupon code NewCoach at checkout).