As a healthy living enthusiast, I fully appreciate the health benefits of regular stretching. But, sometimes stretching can take a while, and so it becomes challenging to work into a busy schedule. When you are running around at work or driving the kids to their hockey game all day, who has time to sit and stretch for a half hour? Well, have you ever considered squeezing in a stretching or yoga routine in before bed?


If not, you should.

As someone with insomnia, I can relate to how frustrating it can be. However, stretching before bed may help. Taking a half hour before bed to relax, unwind, and breathe while stretching can improve your chances of falling right to sleep. The de-stressing nature of yoga and relaxation really does help. Stretching before bed has also been shown to help with Restless Leg Syndrome.

It can be really hard to change your healthy living behaviours in the midst of a busy life. When work, a family, and hobbies may already be on your plate, you may struggle to find the time to improve your health. Incorporating some night-time stretching may help to keep your schedule from getting overwhelming, and might also help some sleeping problems in the process. Give it a try!