About Us


Together, we energize rural and remote communities to live life well. We inspire innovative research and knowledge integration strategies that transform how we prevent and manage chronic disease.


We connect diverse people, networks, research methods and technology to implement strategies and influence policy that meet the unique health needs of rural and remote communities.


Our interactions and decisions are guided by:

  • Trust
  • Teamwork
  • Adaptation
  • Connection
  • Success

Strategic Priorities

  • Build Connections: Forge linkages inside and outside the traditional boundaries of health research to build bridges to rural communities, patient networks and point of health care teams so the HealtheSteps program can be implemented and sustained across Canada.
  • Build Innovation: Use the challenges to rural health to spark innovative solutions that maximize implementation of best evidence, growth of local capacity, integration of feasible, effective self-management strategies that link through innovative social networks and develop new health technologies. Foster a culture of innovation that encourages continuous improvement. Protect intellectual property.
  • Build Best Practices: Capture best practices from patients, participants, clinicians and scientists; and document with an interdisciplinary perspective. Share our Network’s experiences and outcomes for network capacity building, knowledge exchange, program planning, and community implementation.
  • Build Collaborative Leverage: Create project teams and strong relationships with rural and remote networks. Capitalize on the collective knowledge, experience and connections of members to influence change at the point of care, systems and policy levels. Seek additional funding to grow and sustain the Network and the program of research and knowledge translation.
  • Build Leadership: Empower all network members, through a shared leadership model, to enhance their leadership skills and ability to influence change within their professional sphere and as a collective force. Support the training of the next generation of scientists and health care professionals.
  • Build Supportive Infrastructure: Create an innovative governance structure and practical network model that makes engagement meaningful for members and supports the achievement of network goals. Ensure the network is properly resourced with web portal, project management tools, manager and knowledge broker support. Secure funding from a variety of sources and use resources wisely.

Success Measures

  • Network members develop a comprehensive plan with a clear purpose, goals and objectives. Progress is reviewed and the plan and resource allocations are adjusted on a regular basis.
  • Strategic goals and objectives are achieved through collaborative efforts. There is synergy between the progress groups are making and sharing across the network. We create new knowledge together that we could not create independently.
  • Communication platforms are in place and effectively used by network members.
  • The network continues to maintain its membership base and attracts new members from diverse fields, regions and cultures.
  • There are processes in place to support planning, decision-making, priority setting and conflict resolution.
  • Strategies to improve chronic disease prevention and management are implemented in rural and remote communities.
  • We successfully attract funding to advance network goals.