This series of stretches is excellent for workers that spend long hours in a seated position. Staying in a static (unmoving) position for lengthy periods of time can increase the likelihood of stiffness and injury, so it is important to periodically perform stretches to keep loose. The neck muscles are especially vulnerable for stiffness because of the force required for keeping the head steady in the seated position.

The following two stretches are great to keep the neck muscles loose while working!

neck_stretch1_140.jpg Back Neck Stretch

How to do this:

  • Clasp the hands behind the head
  • Bend head forward,
    stretching out the other part of the neck,
    while breathing deeply
  • Hold for 5 slow breaths
neck_stretch2_140.jpg Side Neck Stretch

How to do this:

  • Place the palm of your left hand above the right ear
  • Pull head to the left,
    stretching the side of the neck,
    while taking three deep breaths
  • Repeat on the other side
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